Summer Stampede

Presented by Capital Farm Credit, this event is an art and gear show showcasing outstanding western artists and gear makers. Proceeds benefit the National Ranching Heritage Center.

Western Art & Gear Show!

Western art and gear collectors have an opportunity to purchase new art pieces and meet the contributing artists and craftsmen at the annual Summer Stampede Art and Gear Show at the National Ranching Heritage Center (NRHC) in Lubbock, Texas.

Each year the event will include nearly 100 art and gear pieces contributed by more than 30 Western artists and craftsmen including paintings, jewelry, and gear (e.g., spurs, stirrups, bits, buckles, and knives).

Guests will have an opportunity to view art, purchase pieces at a listed price and take the artwork home when they leave. After the first hour of the sale, the remaining pieces will be available to buyers from remote locations online. The website will provide photos of sale items prior to the show but will not be activated for purchase until one hour after onsite sales begin.

Every art piece must meet the criteria of relating to ranching since the mission of the NRHC is to preserve and interpret the history of ranching in North America.

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2022 Summer Stampede