the history of cattle breeds

While the culture that surrounds ranching has captured the hearts and minds of people from around the world, at its base ranching has always been about providing food and fiber – especially beef – for a growing population. Modern ranchers depend on specially developed genetics, production techniques and data to produce beef. The story of beef cattle breeds in the United States is an interesting one, cast with many characters. Production, grains, processing, technology and marketing have all driven the industry to where we are today – an industry that provides high-quality protein for millions of consumers around the world. This exhibit brings the timeline of the beef cattle industry to life, featuring the history of the industry, a unique collection of photographs, life-size models of cattle and interactive kiosks.

Funding for The History of Beef Cattle Breeds exhibit provided by The CH Foundation.

Resources for Teachers:

Elementary Scavenger Hunt
This scavenger hunt was made for elementary students. All answers can be found in the exhibit.
Texas History Quiz
This quiz was made for 4th and 7th grade students learning about Texas history. All answers can be found in the exhibit.
Ag Quiz
This quiz was made for junior high and high school ag students. All answers can be found in the exhibit.
Ag Assessment Quiz
Have your students take this assessment before and after you visit the Beef Cattle Breeds exhibit to record how much they have learned.